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Introduction to AnswerMeTarot

New Generation of Tarot Service

Anyone who is trouble by love is welcomed to use AnswerMeTarot.

Global AnswerMeTarot

Borderless Love, Borderless AnswerMeTarot

AnswerMeTarot's dream is big. The service is currently available in Korean, English and Japanese, and will be available in French, Spanish and Chinese in the future. The worries related to love is not limited by nation. In the future, AnswerMeTarot will continue to support a variety of languages to address more users' concerns.





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Instantly fall in love with AnswerMeTarot

1. New Generation Tarot

It is a new generation tarot that is recreated on a modern basis based on Universal Tarot, which is one of the most popular tarot cards in the world. You can enjoy the unique charm of AnswerMeTarot which can not be seen anywhere else.

It's easy to read and gives you lot's of energy. I've already shared it with my friends~!

- User review - lalasyk

2. Tarot that offers precise psycological analysis

AnswerMeTarot reflects on the youngest emotions as it is a unique tarot card made especailly for love and romance. We will also provide you with a clear analysis through accurate psychological analysis of your partner.

It has now become a routine to start the day with AnswerMeTarot. It's so accurate, it's creepy!

- User reviews - leewonhee112

3. Tarot of hope that delivers bright energy

AnswerMeTarot uses cats as mediators to solve situations that can fall into serious and heavy thoughts more humorously. That's why AnswerMeTarot's message is always hopeful. In order to avoid losing a bright mind even in the toughest situations, AnswerMeTarot always delivers positive energy.

Cute cat seems to make tarot more fun! Thank you for a good app :)

- User reviews - pihyohan

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